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Kaiten Sushi CHOJIRO – Delicious and Fresh Conveyor Belt Sushi in Kyoto

Chojiro is one of the best conveyor belt sushi restaurants that I’ve been to in Japan. The sushi is fresh, delicious and expertly prepared. For the quality it is extremely affordable. They are a chain and can be found all over Japan. I tried out their location at Nagaokakyo in Kyoto.


There is an iPad menu with an English option, and ordering is easy and fuss free. The plates range from 120 yen – 810 yen (before tax). There are a variety of cooked foods, sushi and sashimi to appease every palate.

Tuna Nigiri

Chojiro is known for having a wide selection of tuna options. The tuna was fatty and unctuous with a perfectly portioned amount of rice.

Uni Nigiri

The uni was fresh and delicious with no fishy taste. There was a lovely briny flavour that lent itself to a creamy texture.

Aburi Salmon Nigiri

This was one of my favourite bites. I had four servings of this, and I could have gone for more! The salmon was buttery and soft and the light charred flavour was fantastic.

Tamago Nigiri

Tamago is a deceptively hard dish to perfect, and this version was fluffy and slightly sweet. It was delicious, and the small portion of rice complemented the sweet egg.

This is just a very small selection of what is offered. We ordered about 6,000 yen (approx. $80 CAD) worth of food and we left positively stuffed. This restaurant is extremely accommodating to tourists, and the service we received was warm and friendly. I highly recommend this restaurant and I can’t wait to be back!

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