Choco Coo Cafe

Went here with L before he left for the next 2 years to China for work. The cafe wasn’t too busy when we showed up in the late afternoon, but it filled up later in the evening.

I love the decorations and vibe of this cafe! Because of its location and big windows, the entire cafe is extremely well lit with natural light. I love all the little knick knacks they used to decorate the place.

And I love how they branded everything with their very nice minimalist logo.

What we drank: Iced Belgian Hot Chocolate (White) ($4.95) and Matcha Slush with Snow Cap (~$5.50)

It was a really hot day so these drinks were very refreshing! For the Matcha slush, I should have clarified if they meant a foam top or whipped cream because in this case it was whipped cream which I’m not a fan of. The matcha taste was there, but it could’ve been stronger in my opinion.

The service for our visit was good (probably because they weren’t busy). One of the cashiers came by with menus and took our order as well.

Would I come back? Probably if I was in the area. I like the ambiance of the cafe and the drinks were not bad.
Choco Coo Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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