Poke seems to be the new trend in Vancouver. I’ve never tried it before, but after hearing so many positive things about Pokérrito, I decided to give it a try on my lunch break today!

A and I headed down for lunch around 1 pm, hoping to avoid the lunch rush, but we ended up waiting almost 1 hour to order. Thankfully our lunch breaks are pretty flexible, but waiting 1 hour for what is essentially a salad is pretty ridiculous in my opinion. Granted, they are new, so they are working out kinks, but they really need to hire more staff, or think of a more efficient way of doing things.


A and I both got the Regular ($10.50) size with brown rice. This is before we even touched it, but you can clearly see the difference in portion size. I would say A’s was at least 25% bigger than mine.

It really matters who you get, because the person helping me was very stingy. You can see from the picture that I got a minuscule scoop of crab, but I also got very little seaweed as well. I swear she was counting the number of sprouts she gave me! Maybe I’m being overly critical because I was so hungry, but if I’m paying the same price as someone else, I’d expect there to be some consistency.

What we ate (bottom): Poke bowl with brown rice – Albacore Tuna (They ran out of Ahi!), citrus ponzu sauce, radish sprouts, ginger, crab, seaweed salad, lettuce, cilantro, tomato, masago, kale, edamame, and cucumber.

The overall taste was fine. I would say it’s like a glorified salad. The amount of fish I was given doesn’t really justify the price, and I feel that at almost $11, there should be more fish. The edamame also had a really funky taste to it, a little soapy…

Would I come back? No, poke places are going to be a dime a dozen pretty soon in Vancouver, and I don’t think Pokérrito delivered today. Maybe if I was in the area, I’d give it a go, but until they work out their kinks and consistency, I won’t be back.
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