Jang Mo Jib

Met up with Q for a long overdue catch up date. She was craving Korean, so we decided to stick by a tried and true favourite – Jang Mo Jib.

What I ate: Banchan

Pretty typical sides. I personally adore the seaweed so I was really happy with it, but the rest of the side dishes were mediocre at best. The potatoes were on the crunchier side, and the kimchi was very bland. And the radish kimchi tasted vaguely like soap water.

What we ate: Seafood Tofu Soup (~$13.00)

This was a pretty good version of tofu soup. Q requested for it to be mild spicy, but she felt that it was quite spicy. There was a decent amount of seafood in there, and it satisfied her hot soup craving.

What we ate: Bibimbap (~$11.00)

This was a really good bibimbap! I’ve been watching a lot of K-drama lately so I was having an intense craving for some mixed rice! They were very generous with the toppings and I was quite full after this.

Overall, Jang Mo Jib is a standard Korean restaurant that delivers good comfort food time and again. However, service was very rushed because there was a lot of tables of two waiting to be seated, even though more than half the restaurant was empty, I guess they don’t like seating couples at 4 tops?

Jang Mo Jib Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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