Chinese Hot Pot Restaurants

Pearl Hot Pot

This was my first ever experience with personal hot pots! This was so much fun. The set up of Pearl Hot Pot is quite interesting. There are side tables for bigger groups, but the center of the restaurant is basically bar seating. Each person gets their own pot and burner.

What I ate: Main Pot Combo with Thai Style Hot and Sour Soup Base ($+2) and 珍珠牛肉鍋 (Blade eye pot on the menu)($16.95)

Each meal comes with a drink, a big helping of vegetables, a plate of meat and dessert after.

This was a very filling meal, and all the ingredients were very fresh. I personally just made a bad choice with the soup base, because it had almost no taste, but my friend ordered a spicy soup base and it tasted a lot better than mine.

The dessert is a choice of matcha or mango soft serve, and I went with matcha. It was not good. there was an extremely fake matcha taste and it was extremely sweet.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Pearl Hot Pot, but for the price, I would probably go for all you can eat next time.

Pearl Hot Pot Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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