Jam Café

I am not a morning person. I dislike waking up early, but if there is one thing I hate more than waking up early, it’s queuing. I rather leave a restaurant than line up for hours.

This visit to Jam Café combined the two things I hate most. So was it worth it?

Met up with W for an early brunch because he was in town, and R and Y decided to tag along for giggles. It was not awkward at all.

We arrived at around 10 am and we waiting for about 45 minutes for a table.

What I ate: The Old Town Breakfast – Two eggs any style (I got poached) with hashbrowns and sausage. Served with choice of toast (I got Cranberry Sourdough) ($12.50)

This was pretty filling. Like I mentioned previously, I’m not a morning person, and by default not really a breakfast person either. Overall this was a standard breakfast. Perhaps it was what I ordered but I felt that most of the dish was lacking in flavour… but nothing a good solid dash of the homemade hot sauce couldn’t fix.

What my friends ate: Pulled Pork Pancakes – a double stack of pancakes with pulled pork and topped with maple bourbon bbq glaze, jalepeno sour cream, pickled cabbage, green onion and cilantro ($16)

Y’s eyes were bigger than his stomach and he only managed to eat about 70% of this before calling it quits. I had a bite, and it was pretty good, the pancakes obviously were drenched in syrup so it was a lot of very soft textures.

Would I come back? Probably not. I didn’t think that the food was worth queuing for. And while nothing was bad, nothing stood out in particular either. It’s definitely a “been there, tried that” type of establishment for me.

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