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Sura Korean Cuisine Restaurant

Sura is one of my go to Korean restaurants. It’s on the slightly pricier end but their location and banchan can’t be beat. They have some of the best Korean side dishes in town, and I always find myself back here for consistent Korean eats.

This post is a combination of two visits!

What we ate: Seafood Pancake ($20.00)

I almost never get this dish. It’s not something I prefer in general, but I’m glad my friend ordered this because it was quite delicious! It was a tad oily, but the crispness and ample amount of seafood definitely made up for it.

What we ate: Bibim Naengmyeon ($10.00)

This is my go to summer dish at Sura. It’s super refreshing and extremely filling! Be careful, the spice really hits you at the end.

What we ate: Galbi Jjim – Braised beef short–ribs with carrots and sweet pumpkins in special soy sauce ($15.00 – Small)

The short ribs were slightly chewy and probably could have been braised just a tad longer. The dish was quite sweet from all carrots and pumpkin, and overall this dish was just okay for me.

On a revisit, I decided to keep it simple and we just ordered the Naengmyeon (Spicy and regular)

What we ate: Bibim Naengmyeon and Naengmyeon ($10.00)

Pretty standard, pretty delicious. This is a summer special only dish so come quickly to try it before the summer ends!

Would I come back? Yes, Sura Robson and Sura Richmond are both standby favourites and a good introduction to Korean cuisine. I highly recommend their lunch special for a comprehensive taste into Korean food!

Sura Korean Cuisine Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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