Coriander Rubbed Seared Cod [Recipe]

Fresh Prep is a local company that reached out to me to try their healthy delivery service. They deliver prepped and portion controlled raw ingredients to your door so you can cook like a chef without having to do all the hard work!

This was the second recipe I tried out after the Summer Pork Chops recipe from last week. I received both meals for the same week, but this post is just a bit delayed (I didn’t keep this in my fridge for a week!)

This dish features coriander rubbed seared cod served with chili garlic broccoli and smashed citrus butter beans.

The pre-prepped meal came in a nice black bag with ice packs.

I really liked how the ingredients were prepackaged and wrapped very carefully. There was no leakage which I appreciated.

THIS WAS AMAZING. I have actually gone out and remade this again. The beans are to die for.

This recipe was a lot easier than the pork chop recipe by far. I actually managed to prepare this in the time recommended (25 minutes).

Overall I would highly recommend Fresh Prep as a service if you are in a rush. It’s extremely convenient and because everything is pre-packed, clean up is even easier! I haven’t tried the other recipes, but it seems that they try to minimize the amount of pans/pots that you need to use (which is always appreciated!)

Disclosure: Products in this review were complimentary. Opinions are my own.

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