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ZenQ Burnaby

Growing up in North Burnaby I have always felt that there was a serious lack of good bubble tea joints. Enter – ZenQ. Perhaps a decade too late for me (it’s a pretty good study spot!), it’s a great dessert hot spot. They’re relatively new in Burnaby so it’s not super busy, but I’m definitely a loyal patron, because they have been open for less than a month and I’ve already been more than ten times.

Their signage is extremely easy to spot, at night time it’s lit up with extremely white lights so you can’t miss it!

Prices are standard for this type of dessert – their plated desserts are on the pricier side for Burnaby, but their drinks are well priced (between $4-6)

What we drank: #1 – Large ZenQ Milk Tea with Grass Jelly ($5.00) and #4 – Large Mango Refresher ($5.00)

On this visit we got two drinks. The Milk Tea was 30% sweet which I found just perfect for me. Their tea is Earl Grey, so there’s a strong floral taste – in case you’re looking for a classic HK milk tea, this isn’t it.

J got one of their specials and I thought it was very refreshing! It had a bright mango taste and the pearls and coconut jelly were perfectly chewy and not too sweet.

What we ate: Grass Jelly with Q balls ($7.50)

I had originally wanted it with sweet potato but they didn’t have any. I really liked this dessert because it wasn’t too sweet. The grass jelly was smooth and silky and contrasted perfectly with the chewy pearls and rice balls.

Would I be back? YES! I am ecstatic that they opened so close to my house. They’re open late, which is perfect for late night dessert runs. The standard of their desserts and drinks is very consistent and the service is very friendly! They are in training right now, but they always make a really strong effort. It takes a while for them to prepare the drinks and desserts but they always let you know that it will take 5-10 minutes.

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