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[Dine Out Vancouver] Gyoza Bar #DOVF

I’ve been to Gyoza Bar a few times in the past, but I’ve never been particularly impressed. I decided to give them another chance when my friend C wanted to check out their $25 Dine Out dinner menu.

We decided to order one of each option (excluding the vegetarian options) and share.

Fraser Pork Teppan Gyoza – served with umami soy sauce and spicy miso and Sweet Soy Glazed Beef Gyoza – kale-quinoa salad, white balsamic vinaigrette, gochujang

The appetizer choice is their namesake gyoza. Of the two I preferred the beef gyoza. I’m not usually a fan of beef in my gyoza, but this appetizer was expertly prepared. It was fresh out of the fryer and the glaze made it a sticky sweet and delicious start.


The pork gyoza was pretty standard but the gyozas were stuck together so when they were pulled apart the skin broke apart. Flavour wise they tasted like standard gyoza from any supermarket.

Miso Baked Scallop Bao Board  – Kombu Butter Poached Half Lobster Tail – spicy miso, house pickled cucumber, fresh citrus, market lettuce

If you had to get one thing from Gyoza Bar, you have to get this. I believe it’s available on their regular menu, so if you can’t make it during Dine Out, you can still try it!


The sauce is what makes this dish. It is the same sauce that Japanese restaurants bought on their Gindara Misozuke and it is heavenly with scallops. I’m going to try and recreate this dish at home!

The lobster tail was really a glorified large prawn (in my opinion), but I wasn’t opposed to eating it!

Miyazaki Chicken Nanban Bao Board – Kombu Butter Poached Half Lobster Tail – house made tartar sauce, asian slaw, herb dijon mustard, market lettuce

This was just as good as the scallop board, but if I had to choose I’d go with the scallop. The chicken pieces were large and perfectly fried. I adored the tartar sauce and overall all the components worked well together. The asian slaw seemed half pickled, so if I were to get this again I hope that the slaw would have more of a bite to it to balance out all the other heavy flavours.

Rice Pudding with Mango Sorbet – fresh fruit macedonia, candied cashew, basil

Dessert for me was a bit of a throwaway. I personally don’t like rice pudding, but there was nothing wrong with theirs. I liked the mango sorbet a lot and I would have been ok with just a scoop or two of that.

Overall Gyoza Bar’s Dine Out menu is a very good value at $25. The bao boards are usually around $20 so you’re essentially getting a free appetizer and dessert.

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