Cafe Dessert

Cafe Take Urban – Bringing the Trendiest Macarons from Korea to Vancouver

Taking over the former Kobob Burger on Main Street is Cafe Take Urban which specializes in Korean style macarons – Ddungcaron. Ddungcaron (뚱카롱) is a popular rendition of macarons found in Korea. It means “fat macaron”, and it gets its name from the outrageous amount of filling between macaron shells. ⠀

In addition to their macarons, they also offer a variety of sandwiches, rice bowls (which they dub ‘Cup Bob’), and espresso beverages.

Dirty Latte – Matcha latte with a shot of espresso ($4.55)

I started off with a Dirty Latte. It gets its name from the shot of espresso added into the drink. The matcha taste was strong and the shot of espresso didn’t overwhelm the strong matcha taste.

Chicken Pesto Panini ($7.95)

This was a delicious sandwich. It was perfectly grilled and stuffed with ingredients. The chicken worked well with the pesto and there was a generous amount of cheese which made for a very fulfilling panini.

Spicy Pork Cup Bob – spicy pork, mixed vegetables, gochujang and mayo ($8.95)

In a nod to their Korean roots, they also offer various different rice bowls. They have chicken, veggie, beef bulgogi and tuna mayo. I went with the spicy pork. All the ingredients worked well together and the spicy pork was very savoury. I didn’t find it spicy at all, and if I got this again, I could do without the mayonnaise.

Assortment of pastries – Butter Croissant ($3.15), Almond Croissant ($3.50), Peanut Butter Cookie, Oat n Cranberry Cookie and Chocolate Chip Cookie ($1.90 each)

The croissants were very buttery and crisp. The cookies were large and full of ingredients. My personal favourite was the chocolate chip cookie because of large chocolate chunks spread out through the cookie.

Box of 8 Macarons (from top left) – Cookie Crunch, Real Oreo, Cheese Ritz, Sweet Milk, Tiramisu, Birthday Cake, Coffee, Strawberry ($3.00 each)

This is my first time trying this style of macaron and it was delicious! I can see why it’s a trend right now in Korea. The macarons here are expertly made and the flavours that are being offered are very unique and not offered any where else in Vancouver. All the flavours were on point, but my favourites were the Real Oreo and Birthday Cake. If you’re a fan of the White Rabbit craze going on the Sweet Milk flavour tastes exactly like White Rabbit candy!

Overall, I had a great experience. The service was friendly and the food was executed well. The macarons are extremely well priced (only $3.00 each!) and they would make for a lovely gift. Check out their Instagram for their available flavours.


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