Product Review

[Product Review] Kokoro Care Packages

Kokoro Care Packages are hand crafted monthly and filled with premium-quality, pure and delicious Japanese foods delivered straight from Japan.

They offer two subscription types – monthly and seasonally. The seasonal version is delivered once every three months to coincide with the change in seasons (March, June, September and December). Click here for full pricing details.

I tried the May subscription and sampled the following:

Premium Milky Oyster Sauce

This oyster sauce includes the whole oyster and puts the classic Lee Kum Kee oyster sauce I grew up with to shame.

5 Grain Beauty Udon

This udon is made with a combination of five Japanese grains (black rice, glutinous barely flour, rice bran, red rice and brown rice), which lends itself to some beautifully coloured noodles.

Yuzu Miso

This was by far the product I was most excited to try. Stay tuned for an upcoming recipe post! Yuzu is a citrus fruit from Japan and is one of my favourite flavours.

Travelling Seaweed Snack

Of all the products in the box, I would say this was my least favourite. It is definitely an acquired taste, and the texture is a dry but chewy at the same time.

Soy Coffee (caffeine free)

Ever since I had to quit caffeine, I’ve been looking for a good coffee substitute. This soy coffee was mildly sweet and won’t be replacing real coffee anytime soon, but it was quite tasty as a beverage.

This care package was thoughtfully and beautifully curated. You can tell that love and care was put into each item. For a limited time you can get 10% off your first order with my code: PURPLECHIVES_10.

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