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Olé Wings & Tapas – Hidden Korean Gem #onRobson

The Robson Business Improvement Association and I have collaborated to bring you some of my recommendations for where to eat on Robson Street. As someone who frequents Robson Street a lot for great eats, it was definitely a challenge picking my favourites!

Korean food is one of my go-to comfort cuisines, and there’s nothing better than enjoying a cold beer with some crispy fried Korean chicken after a long work week. One of the best places to do that is at Olé Wings & Tapas. It’s located on the second floor of a building, so it can be easy to miss.

Olé Wings & Tapas has a wide selection of Korean food but they specialize in Korean fried chicken. Pair a couple dishes with their extensive alcohol lists and you’ll have yourself a great night.

Korean Style Sweet Chili Chicken ($24.00)

The chicken was fried perfectly, and because I went with boneless every piece was juicy and succulent without the hassle of bones. The sauce was mildly spicy and added a nice zing to the dish. I love that you can order half and half to try different flavours.

Kimchi Fried Rice ($14.00)

The kimchi fried rice had plenty of extra fermented kimchi, which is exactly how I like my fried rice. It’s a simple and homey dish but is a good supplement for all the fried chicken. The yolk from the egg added a nice creamy component to the mellow spice of the kimchi fried rice.

Butter Corn Cheese ($8.00)

If there’s corn cheese on the menu you can bet that I’ll order it. It’s a simple dish, but oh so delicious when it comes bubbling hot. The cheese is stringy and gooey and the corn is sweet.

Olé Wings & Tapas is a hole in the wall Korean fried chicken joint offering some solid Korean eats with no frills. It’s a great place to hang out after work or late at night with your friends catching up over some beer and fried chicken.

Ole Wings and Tapas Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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