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Ebisu #onRobson – Showstopping Fresh Sashimi

As part of my collaboration with the Robson Business Improvement Association, I am showcasing a few of my favourite restaurants on Robson Street.

Ebisu is part of the Kamei Group of Japanese restaurants and is one of Vancouver’s original Japanese restaurants.

While most people come to Ebisu for their fusion dishes and innovative cocktails, one of my favourite dishes here is their IceBlast Sashimi Platter. It is an enormous platter of sashimi featuring salmon, tuna, hamachi, spicy tuna, sweet prawns, hotate scallops, saba mackerel, tuna belly toro as well as fresh oysters.

IceBlast Sashimi Platter ($64.95)

When it arrives it comes with behind a dramatic cloud of dry ice. It is definitely an impressive platter.


All the sashimi pieces had a lovely sheen and colour. The salmon was firm and fresh and was one of my favourites.


The scallops were beautifully presented on a slice of grapefruit. The mild citrus taste worked well with the delicate flavour of the scallops.


The oysters were fresh and shucked well. I really liked the house made cocktail sauce that accompanied the oysters. It had a nice zing from the tomato base and didn’t overwhelm the flavour of the oysters.

This platter is a very generous serving of sashimi and can definitely be shared between four people comfortably. Order this and a couple appetizers and a bottle of sake (or three), and you will have the perfect summer patio dinner.

Ebisu On Robson Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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