Bubble Tea Cafe

Weekend Tea – Refreshing Fruit Teas with a Twist

Weekend Tea is the newest kid on the block (literally), on a street that is completely saturated with bubble tea shops (Chatime, OneZo, Boba Boy etc). To stand out, their primary offerings is fruit teas and milk/yogurt based beverages.

Weekend Tea stands firmly behind their drinks and recommends that all patrons try the beverages in their intended form (no modifications). If you don’t like your drink they will be more than happy to remake it to your specifications.

I dropped by earlier this week to try out a few of their signature drinks.

Lychee Fruit Tea ($6.75) and Golden Kiwi Fruit Tea ($6.50)

These two were by far my favourite drinks of the night. The lychee one has beautiful layers and is packed with fresh lychee bits and aloe. It’s refreshing and not too sweet.

The Golden Kiwi Fruit Tea is my new go-to drink and my recommendation. There is a very strong kiwi flavour from the generous amount of fresh kiwi at the bottom of the drink, but the tea flavour is still very prominent. As with the Lychee Fruit Tea, it isn’t too sweet and it’s the perfect drink for a hot summer day.

Honeydew Yogurt Slush ($7.25) and Grape Yogurt Slush ($7.25)

The slush drinks are a fruit an yogurt mix. The fruit components really stand out, while the yogurt adds a creamy texture. Each drink looks unique because the yogurt and fruit slush swirls cannot be exactly replicated in every drink.

Brown Sugar Milk ($6.50) and The Zāng Pearl Milk ($6.50)

Although Weekend Tea does not identify as a bubble tea shop, they have a few drinks with pearls on offer to cater to the market. The pearls are on the smaller side and on the softer side.

On my visit, I believe they ran out of pearls, so they had to cook a new batch – unfortunately my drinks had some undercooked pearls as a result. The milk tea flavour was good, but I would stick to their fruit tea drinks.

The Zāng Strawberry ($6.50)

This drink is made with strawberries, milk and cream cheese cap. Make sure you shake the drink well before poking the straw in so you can mix all the components together. The drink tastes just like a melted pint of Häagen-Dazs so if that’s your jam, then this is the drink for you.

The Zāng Mango ($6.50)

Similar to the Zāng Strawberry, this drink is made with milk and topped with a cream cheese cap but instead of strawberries it features mango. This tasted like a melted mango pudding and was very creamy from the cream cheese and milk.

Overall, I really enjoyed all the fruit tea drinks at Weekend Tea. It’s what they are known for and what they do best. The shop has a few tables and is very open and inviting. The owner is very passionate about his products and it’s very clear that he strives to produce the best for his customers.

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