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Crave the Heights – Green & Oak Malaysian Restaurant

Green & Oak Malaysian Restaurant specializes in Malaysian and Singaporean cuisine. They use only the freshest ingredients to make all of their dishes and you can feel the love and passion in their cooking.

For Crave the Heights, Green & Oak is offering a $35 set menu for two and other specials.

I dropped by over the weekend to check out this special set menu and the restaurant was extremely busy.

Roti Canai – freshly grilled Malaysian flatbread with curry dipping sauce

The Roti Canai was crisp on the outside and soft and flaky on the inside – a pretty spot on rendition of a Malaysian staple. Every table had this dish, and I can see why!

The curry dipping sauce was on the thinner side, but the roti shined and the curry complemented the soft interior.

Seafood Laska Soup – curry based soup with fish ball, tofu, bean sprouts, egg, lemon grass, lime juice, coconut milk and mixed noodles

The Laksa broth was lighter in flavour than some renditions that I’ve had, but it was still a solid interpretation of the dish. I went with the seafood option, and there was plenty of fish, shrimp and fish balls in the dish. I went with mixed noodles (laksa egg noodles and rice vermicelli) and it was like being back in Southeast Asia.

Most places serve Laksa with an extremely overcooked boiled egg, but Green & Oak has a lovely soft boiled egg to complete this dish.

Char Kuey Teow – fried rice noodle with shrimp, tofu, pork, bean sprouts, egg, chili and soya sauce

This was cooked well with lots of flavour but veered to the oily side. There was a pool of oil under the noodles and each bite was slick with oil. The flavour profile was there and the ingredients were ample (however the shrimp was microscopic).

Pisang Goreng – deep fried banana with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and cookies

We finished off with another traditional Malaysian dish, and although I didn’t try any, my friend found the banana to be well fried and piping hot when served. The ice cream isn’t anything fancy – ice cream from a tub most likely – but it went well with the soft banana.

Overall I enjoyed my meal at Green & Oak. There isn’t a lot of options for Malaysian food in Burnaby, and this restaurant is a solid option for the neighbourhood.

The set menu during Crave the Heights is a steal at $35, and can easily feed three people comfortably or four if you add a couple appetizers. It’s a great way to try out the restaurant and I would definitely try to check it out before the promotion ends!

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