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Blossom Dim Sum & Grill – East Meets West Dining in Downtown Vancouver

Blossom Dim Sum & Grill is a modern fusion spot that has its hand in many cuisines. They have sushi, dim sum, steak and pasta.

The space is enormous, and it’s divided to a more formal dining room side (with velvet chairs, naturally) and a more relaxed bar side, with wooden high tops. They also have a patio overlooking Robson Street and a private room.

I stopped by earlier this week to preview their new dinner dishes. The majority of these dishes are Chinese dishes re-imagined with a Western twist.

Sushi Ball – BBQ Eel, Sockeye Salmon, Prawn Kimchi, Cucumber and Avocado

This was a cute concept, and a nice appetizer to start a meal. My favourite was the salmon and the cucumber. The cucumber was lightly pickled and thinly sliced.

Quinoa Salad – roasted beets, kale, mango, avocado, spicy pumpkin seeds and grilled lemon vinaigrette

This dish was a miss for me. The grilled lemon vinaigrette added a bitter flavour to the dish that was mildly unpleasant. The individual components themselves were fresh and plentiful.

Risotto Lotus Wrap – chanterelle mushroom, chicken

This twist on a classic Lo Mai Gai (糯米雞) included replacing the traditional sticky rice with risotto rice and adding truffle. The chicken and mushrooms were flavourful and the black truffle didn’t overwhelm the delicate chanterelles. The fragrance of lotus leaf was present throughout the dish.

West Lake Style Sweet & Sour Steelhead – carrot, ginger, wok fried bok choy

This dish was one of my favourites of the day. The Steelhead was moist and flavourful and held up well to the sweet and sour glaze. The only downside is that there were quite a number of bones in this dish.

Char Siu Octopus Salad  fried rice, kale salad, yuzu and katsu mayo

This was another standout dish for me. The Octopus Salad was charred beautifully and cooked to perfection. The fried rice was flavourful and had good wok hei. The kale salad added a fresh component to cut the overall richness of the dish and the yuzu and katsu mayo added a kick with a sharp spicy flavour.

Beef Short Rib – root beer, bourbon, asian coleslaw and kimchi

The beef was fall off the bone tender, however the root beer glaze was quite cloying and sweet. The kimchi added a nice pungent punch to the dish and helped cut the overall sweetness of the dish.

Wok Fried Vegetables – broccoli, lily bulbs, black fungus, carrot and lotus root

The vegetables were cooked perfectly and had a lovely crunch to the dish. The lotus root was my favourite from this dish.

Mango Pomelo Soup Cheesecake

I like the fusion idea behind this dish, and the mango pomelo soup sauce was quite delicious, but the cheesecake was frozen and icy. Once that execution error is corrected, this dish has a lot of potential.

Overall the dining space at Blossom is unparalleled. It is a beautiful space, however there are a few kinks that needs to be fixed. There are a number of good ideas in the works, but some dishes need more refinement.

Blossom Dim Sum & Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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