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Umai Savory Hot Dogs – Decadent Hot Dogs and More on Robson Street

Umai Savory Hot Dogs first opened as a hot dog cart in California. Since then they have expanded to several locations in the United States and this is their first location in Canada.

Umai Savory Hot Dogs is committed to using only the best ingredients to create their 27 signature hot dog flavours. In addition to their hot dogs they have a variety of hamburgers, wings, ribs, noodles and even desserts!

From today until September 22, they are offering BOGO on their hot dogs – it’s a deal you can’t miss out on!

Umai X Truffle Dog – 100% All Beef Angus hot dog, caramelized onions, white truffle sauteed Shiitake mushrooms, toasted minced black truffle, truffled aioli, Umai teriyaki sauce, furikake

This is one of their signature hot dogs, and I can see why. It is a decadent hot dog topped with truffle and mushrooms and is packed full of umami flavour. I personally would have picked a hot dog that had more of a snap to it, to contrast with the soft mushrooms, but this hot dog was one of my favourites.

Saigon Hustle – Bratwurst, pickled daikon, carrots, cilantro, sweet chili sauce, teriyaki Hoisin sauce, sliced jalapenos, roasted peanuts bits

This was my favourite hot dog of the three that I tried. If a banh mi had a love child with a hot dog this would be it. I love the snap of the hot dog skin contrasted with the crunchy and pickled toppings. The Hoisin sauce added some sweetness to the hot dog.

Seoul Storm – Polish sausage, kimchi relish, Sriracha, Umai teriyaki, green onions, white and black sesame

The kimchi relish was flavourful and added a great punch to the hot dog. I loved the polish sausage and the sesame seeds were a nice textural contrast. The hot dog however was quite soggy from all the toppings, and I would not order this again, even though the flavour was quite delicious.

Spicy Thai Peanut Umai Noodles

This was very peanut forward, and no spice was present for me. This dish was the weakest dish that I tried. The noodles were very run of the mill, and the sauce tasted primarily of peanut butter.

Brisket Fries – skinny fries, brisket, cheese

I love the use of skinny fries in this dish. They were fried perfectly and were the perfect vehicle for the soft and tender brisket and melty cheese. It is a hefty portion that would round out a meal quite nicely.

Overall I was impressed with the hot dogs. The hot dogs presented were spot on to the images that were on the menu. The fries were quite delicious as well, but I would pass on their wings and ribs as they were on the drier side. The noodles were also a miss for me. Take advantage of their BOGO special this week and try out their hot dogs!

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