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L’Abattoir – Outstanding Brunch in Gastown

L’Abattoir is one of my favourite restaurants in Vancouver. I have been here multiple times for dinner, but I’ve never been able to get a good photo of their amazing food because it’s usually quite dark! I was really excited to finally have the opportunity to try their amazing food during the day at brunch.

I came here on a sunny Saturday to have brunch with my friend. We were seated in the atrium and it was absolutely stunning. We were lucky to be the only patrons there at the time and the space was airy, beautifully lit and spacious.

Poached eggs with Canadian bacon – Cheddar sabayon and a homemade English muffin ($17.00)

Originally we were both going to order the Full Breakfast, but my friend was very understanding of my Instagram priorities and he graciously offered to order a different dish. He went with the Eggs Benedict which came with two perfectly poached eggs. I had a bite and it was really delicious. The sabayon complemented the thick cut Canadian bacon really well and the dish overall was really well balanced. The portion is on the smaller side, but the fatty bacon will fill you up pretty fast.

Full breakfast – two eggs, duck sausage, pork & beans, boudin noir, rösti, toast ($22.00)

This was my choice and it was absolutely delicious. I’m a huge fan of English breakfasts so this was a no brainer for me. Everything was well seasoned and delicious. Every component of this breakfast worked for me, and the standouts for me was the boudin noir and the rösti.

Breakfast Burger – aged cheddar, hashbrown, fried egg ($18.00)

This burger will be your new favourite start to the day. A perfectly cooked beef patty (still pink in the middle!), aged cheddar, hashbrown, fried egg and crisp lettuce all stacked between a lightly toasted bun. The juices were running down my hands, and this was such a messy burger to eat but in the best possible way.

Would I come back? Yes! L’Abattoir is one of my favourite restaurants and I’m so glad I finally had the chance to document my experience! I would recommend you come here for brunch or for dinner!


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