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Rhinofish Noodle Bar

Rhinofish Noodle Bar located in Vancouver Chinatown and they are bringing Taiwanese favourites to new heights with locally sourced ingredients and creative twists, while staying true to the classics. Their speciality is beef noodle and it’s their mission to bring the authentic flavour of beef noodle to those who have never tried it and to those who miss the flavour of their hometown.

I was invited by my friend Belinda for a media tasting with Josh, Sophia, Nicki and Kevin. We had a great sampling of all the dishes that Rhinofish Noodle Bar has to offer.

(From left to right) The Rhinofish – tomato juice, salty plum and apple sidra ($5), Jasmine Green Tea ($3.50) and Apple Sidra – Taiwanese apple soda ($3.00)


The Apple Sidra was my choice and it was tasty as always. It’s the kind from the can and it tastes just like I was back in Taiwan.

I’ve featured my two favourite dishes below. I’m personally not a fan of beef noodle, but my friends all seemed to love it!

Kong Rou Fan – slow braised pork belly, asian sauerkraut, tea infused egg ($10.50)

The pork was so tender and soft with lots of delicious meaty flavour. The sauerkraut was out of this world. I’m usually not a fan, but I was definitely hoarding this every time I took a spoonful from the bowl!

Zha Jiang Mian – minced pork, soybean sauce, bean curd, cucumber, carrot, tea infused egg ($13.50)

This has to be one of the best versions of Zha Jiang Mian I’ve had outside of Taiwan. The noodles in this dish were absolute perfection. They were thick and chewy and each strand was perfectly coated in sauce. I wanted to eat this whole bowl by myself!

Overall I was pleasantly surprised by the food here. I was prepared to write it off because of the trendy aesthetics and pricing, but everything was executed well and with fresh ingredients.

I can’t wait to bring my family here to try their noodles!

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