Japanese Ramen Restaurants

Koyuki Sapporo Ramen

Koyuki Sapporo Ramen is a ramen and izakaya joint located on the West End. They specialize in miso ramen which is originally from Sapporo.

In addition to offering a variety of ramens (miso, shoyu and shio), they also have an extensive happy hour and tapas menu.

Takoyaki ($8.99)

These arrived piping hot to the table and were an absolute delight to eat. Reminiscent of what you could find in Japan, each takoyaki had a generous piece of octopus encased within a soft and fluffy batter.

AAA Striploin Diced Steak ($8.65)

We could smell the garlic from this dish before it even arrived at our table. Unfortunately the steak was quite dry and chewy, but was saved by the delicious char and garlic flavours.

Curry Poutine ($8.00)

This is one of the new and unique menu items and it is a winner in my book. The curry went well with the fries and the cast iron plate it came on ensured that the cheese was bubbling and delicious to the very last bite.

Cha-Shu Miso Ramen – 5 pieces cha-shu, green onions and soft boiled egg ($14.25)

The miso flavour was prominent in the broth without being overwhelming. You can choose the thickness and desired doneness of your noodle and we went with thick noodles for this. Personally I’m a fan of thinner ramen noodles (a la Ramen Danbo), but A enjoyed his bowl of ramen very much.

Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen – cha-shu, green onions, garlic chips and soft boiled egg ($12.25)

The broth for this ramen was much lighter as it didn’t have miso included. It was flavourful without being MSG heavy and worked well with the thin noodles that T chose. The cha-shu was tender and although the egg was a touch overdone for her liking she still enjoyed her bowl of ramen very much.

Spicy Miso Ramen – cha-shu, green onions and soft boiled egg ($12.55)

I can never turn down a bowl of spicy noodles, so I went with their namesake ramen but turned up the heat on it. I went with thin noodles cooked firm and it was done exactly as per my request. The cha-shu was melt in my mouth tender and was my favourite part of the bowl.

 Ice cream ($3.50)

We finished with ice cream which was a perfect sweet treat to a carb heavy meal. The little deep fried taiyaki on top was a cute touch.

Overall I enjoyed my dinner here. The service was friendly and the food was served promptly. The dining space however lacks ventilation so don’t wear your dry clean only clothes here!

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