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mello – Refined Coffee and Donuts in Chinatown Vancouver

mello is the newest aesthetic cafe to hit Vancouver. Located in Chinatown near Umaluma Gelato you can’t miss their gorgeous pastel yellow storefront. The store branding is on point with the lovely pastel yellow and their boxes and drink containers branded with gold foil.


They are a cashless cafe so make sure you have your cards or phone with you!

They’re currently in their soft opening phase and have a variety of donuts, cookies and bars for sale. In addition they also have soft serve with rotating flavours – when I went it was Earl Grey and Milk flavour.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Brioche Donut ($3.75)

This donut is full of peanut flavour. The jam is not too sweet and the fluffy donut was the perfect texture.

Vanilla Brioche Donut ($3.75)

The vanilla was not as strong flavour wise but it was my preferred flavour. I liked being able to taste the plain donut with hints of vanilla.

Old Fashioned Donut ($3.25)

This donut was heftier than the other two and the glaze added a nice sweetness to the donut. This would pair really well with an Americano to balance out the sweetness.


In addition to their donuts, they have an extensive coffee menu offering – they even have make Cortados! Their espresso is their own blend made especially for them by Argo Roasters. This blend is not fruity and has a deep chocolate taste which is the perfect pairing for their desserts.

The service here is very friendly. Because it’s not that well known yet there’s a lot of seating with tables meant for two and a long communal table in the centre of the cafe. They’re open every day from 9 am to 9 pm, so I can see it being a nice place to catch up on some work or with some friends or a good post dinner dessert spot!

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