Dessert Workshop

Sugar Sugar Studios – Cake Decorating Fun for Everyone

Sugar Sugar Studios hosts workshops featuring all manner of adorable cakes. Their most popular workshops feature their Cactus and Pineapple cakes. But they also do many character cakes like Gudetama, Totoro and Pikachu!

I had the opportunity to stop by over the holidays to try my hand at making a Christmas themed Cactus cake. Usually their workshops are $65.00 per person, but book now to take advantage of their New Years Sale where you can buy 2 cake workshops for only $99.00 (use code: 2FOR99).

The chocolate cake smelled so moist and chocolate-y. It was a huge struggle to not sneak pieces of the cake when I was decorating.

The icing was a salted caramel swiss meringue and it wasn’t too sweet.

The cactus was two cupcakes put together and then covered with green frosting. One thing I found out pretty quickly is that you really need a steady and firm hand when piping or the frosting will break apart and you won’t get the smooth lines.


I decided to pipe some flowers to hide some of the more noticeable flaws on my cake. It was a lot of fun working with the fondant to shape the Santa hat and face!

As someone who has never decorated a cake, I found this workshop to be a fun activity, however I did struggle a little bit. At the end of the day Linda and Nancy are there to help you patch up any holes in your cake – and it’s almost impossible to not make a cute cake at this workshop. Thank you to Benton for his patience and skill in decorating (most of the photos are of his cake).

There was a mix of couples, friends, singles and family duos doing this workshop – so it really is a great activity for all ages.

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