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Kiyo Sushi – Hidden Japanese Restaurant in Richmond

Kiyo Sushi is a small hidden Japanese restaurant with a 22 year history. Japanese owned, this unassuming sushi restaurant is located in Cambie Plaza in Richmond.

They have a wide selection of sashimi and cooked items, as well as an extensive special menu.

I went here for dinner with a couple friends last month and tried a few items.

Assorted Nigiri – Tobiko with Quail Egg, Ikura, Saba, Spot Prawn, Hamachi and Salmon

The nigiri was fresh and since we were at the tail end of spot prawn season, my friend was able to get a spot prawn nigiri.

Futomaki ($10.00)

Ever since Satomi Sushi closed down, I’ve been on the hunt for my new favourite restaurant for Futomaki. This was a solid rendition, but a bit heavy on the rice. The search continues!

Kiyo Chirashi ($25.00)

I went with the Kiyo Chirashi, and it was perfectly serviceable. I was craving a chirashi don and while this version satiated that craving, it was far from amazing. The fish was fresh, but the selection was quite meager for the price. For a similar price point, I would recommend the Chirashi don at Kilala Sushi Bar instead. Included in the don was a small portion of kinpira and assorted pickles. The rice was the most disappointing part of this dish as it was cold and lacked the chewy texture I associate with Japanese rice.

Overall, dinner was lackluster. I was hoping to have found a new hidden gem, but unfortunately I left a bit disappointed. There are a lot of Japanese restaurants in the Lower Mainland, and this particular one is a bit off the beaten path without being outstanding enough to warrant a return visit.

Kiyo Sushi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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