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BlackBall Taiwanese Dessert – A Taste of Taiwan in Central Richmond

BlackBall Taiwanese Dessert is a popular dessert chain from Taiwan known for its grass jelly sweets. They specialize in a variety of cold and hot desserts and they’ve been in soft opening phase for the past few months. They recently had their grand opening over the weekend and they introduced a couple new items including their tea lattes and mochi waffles!

I stopped by earlier this week to try out their new mochi waffles as well as some of their signature desserts. It was extremely busy on a Monday evening and it’s a definite hot spot for desserts!

Mochi Waffles

The mochi waffles look like your run of the mill waffles but because of the mochi component they had a nice pleasant chew to them. They were simply adorned with blueberries and strawberries with a dollop of whipped cream. It’s a simple dessert for those looking for a warm and comforting dessert.

Forest Matcha Ice

This dish is quite possibly one of their more famous dishes. When scrolling on Instagram you can’t escape this dessert or their signature BlackBall Supreme. As much as I wanted to try that dish, it is definitely meant for more than two people to share so we went with the Forest Matcha Ice.

There was a generous amount of matcha syrup which was on the sweeter side. It didn’t have the nice bitterness that I usually associate with matcha so this dessert definitely tasted a lot like the matcha milk candies I used to have as a kid.

Forest Matcha Ice

The shaved ice also comes with matcha jelly, matcha pudding made with milk, red bean, barely and rice balls. The matcha jelly was silky smooth and the pudding had a nice bounce. I really enjoyed the rice balls because they had a great chew to them and was a nice textural contrast to all the smooth elements of the dish.

Build Your Own

Although we didn’t have the stomach space to tackle their Supreme, we couldn’t leave without trying one of their signature iced desserts. We decided to build our own and included some of their most popular toppings – sweet potato mini mochi, taro mini mochi, Yam Q, and crystal pearls on top of their grass jelly.

I adored the Yam Q – it’s made with 95% yam mixed with just a little rich flour to give it the unique chewy texture. Another stand out was the crystal pearls – they had a crisper texture than regular pearls which I really enjoyed. This dessert was very refreshing, and I would definitely get it again.

I really enjoyed the desserts at BlackBall. The pricing is in line with Meet Fresh, but their portions seem more generous. The cafe space is large and spacious with high ceilings and we can resist their adorable mascot!

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